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About Scoliosis

SCOLIOSIS ( from Greek: Skoliosis meaning "crooked") is a medical condition in which a person's spine is curved from side to side, shaped like a "s" and "c", and may also be rotated.


Pain is often common in adulthood, especially if scoliosis is left untreated. Scoliosis surgery can stabilize a curvature and prevent worsening therefore Improving one's quality of life.


1. Prominent hump especially on forward bending.

2. A rib "hump" and/or a prominent shoulder blade, caused by rotation of the Ribcage in thoracic Scoliosis. Uneven hip, rib cage, and shoulder levels.

3. Asymmetric size or location of breast in females. Unequal distance between arms and body.

4. Neurological deficit (in some cases).

Scoliosis correction surgery is a very complicated and expensive procedure. KUBJA is a charitable trust set up to help families who cannot afford to pay for it. The doctors and nurses donate their time and services free. Beyond that, Shriram Spine Hospital is allowing KUBJA to use its facilities at non profit cost for a noble cause.